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for freelancers

Health insurance in Germany has been compulsory since 2009 for those living and working permanently or temporarily in the country, irrespective of whether ...

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for employees

In Germany there are 2 health insurance systems, both equally valid and running in parallel. These are state health insurance and private health insurance ...

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residence permit

For those living and working in Germany, since 2009 it's been a legal requirement to have health insurance in place. Non-EU citizen planning to stay in Germany ...

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German Health Insurance

German Health Insurance

If you live and work in Germany, you have the choice of statutory health insurance, known as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV) or private health insurance, known as Private Krankenversicherung (PKV). You can choose private health insurance if your income is above a certain level or if you are self-employed.

Private health insurance is available from German and international companies, but it’s important to note that not all international companies offer policies that fulfil the obligations of German law. If you take out private health insurance with an international company, you must able to prove that it provides at least the mandatory minimum covered by statutory health insurance, which includes provision for chronic disease and elderly care.

It is also worth noting that, unlike statutory health insurance, private health insurance is based on your risk profile or, in other words, your age and state of health. Your premium is calculated on the basis of the average cost of medical across different demographic groups so, if you are female or an older person of either sex you are likely to pay more for your private health insurance than say, a young man.

We only refer companies that comply with German law and, as independent health insurance brokers, offer clear, unbiased advice on all aspects of German health insurance. We understand that expatriats have different expectations of, and requirements from, health insurance, so we are on hand to help you negotiate the labyrinth of health insurance legislation, so that you arrive at a suitable, cost-effective health insurance policy for your stay in Germany.

Of course, terms and conditions vary from policy to policy, so it is critical that your chosen policy provides sufficient cover for any illness or injury that befalls you, or your family, during your time abroad. As with any other insurance policy, you need to weigh up the cost of the premium against the benefits offer, but insufficient cover for emergency or critical procedures could leave you will an eye-watering bill if the worst comes to the worst.

In an emergency, you can be admitted directly to a contracted hospital, which will contact your insurance provider to confirm that the costs of your treatment will be met. However, if you lack sufficient insurance cover, you will still have to pay a fixed daily charge for the first 28 days of any in-patient treatment and this payment will not be reimbursed..


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German Health Insurance

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