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German health insurance for employees

In Germany there are 2 health insurance systems, both equally valid and running in parallel. These are state health insurance and private health insurance.

State health insurance

The German government's responsible for providing German state health insurance. For those in employment earning less than €59.400 per annum, state health insurance is mandatory. The basic level of cover is deducted in a fixed percentage from your gross income, under German law. You also have to take out long-term nursing cover. For 2018, state health insurance payments have been set at 15.5%, with 2.55% assigned to providing long-term nursing cover. These percentages apply to salaries up to €4425,00 a month. An employer must cover 50% of the amount, up to €379.45 a month. If you earn more than €4425,00 a month, your personal contribution will be €434,76.

Private health insurance

In the last few years, various state health services have been culled or downgraded. Investing in private health insurance is a good idea to bridge the gap. Anyone in employment earning an estimated gross income of €59.400 per annum can opt for private health insurance. In Germany, private health insurance is more cost-effective than public health insurance. Private health insurance represents better value with more comprehensive cover. Typical services included are:

access to private/semi-private hospitals
prescription glasses or contact lenses
access to a wide range of other health services

Private health patients may also receive priority treatment at the dentist, doctor or hospital. Some health professionals only serve private patients. An employer will cover half the cost of private health insurance, up to €309.34 for the health cover and up to €49.79 for long-term nursing cover, which are the same maximum amounts as for state health insurance.

I'm an independent insurance broker specialising in German health insurance, with a wide range of different products and options available to help you get the right health insurance. I specialise in custom solutions and can advise you and your family on the most suitable insurance plan.

I operate as an independent insurance broker specializing within the German health insurance system. I offer a range of separate products and options to provide a custom health insurance plan suitable for your needs, with advice for you and your family. I can also offer:

Complimentary immediate insurance quotes
Friendly, professional service
Specific options for freelancers, employees and those self-employed
Help with completing forms
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Guaranteed 48-hour permit completion for all residence applications